Saturday, April 7, 2018

Our theme this round is going to be:


I has so much fun with these!

The background was drawn with the Cricut, "Faith" cut out with Elizabeth Craft Designs die and the Stamp is from

This second design was done with Our Daily bread dies and Joel 2:25 stamp

Saturday, February 17, 2018

MY Treasures

So Rubbernecker put out the challenge 
I was so intending on doing something with their woody stamp and die. So I started out to set up a beachy themed project. Get a picture and some "beach stuff"... OH! that driftwood in my box. Ummmm? Can you stamp and emboss on driftwood? As it turns out you can!  And voila a picture frame emerges 

and I am feeling bad as I didn't even us the Woody that I intended.  I even made it in 3 colors!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Make- Rubbernecker Challenge

Love Is In The Air – Rubbernecker Challenge #26

I have to admit this was a difficult challenge for me.  I know the theme was chosen for Valentines day but to be honest I have never been into the "romantical" stuff.  So my first attempt is totally about love... but has nothing to do with the holiday.

The I loved the way the first one came out and had to try another one similar.  Although it has absolutely nothing to do with the challenge. I really like the way this one turned out too.

Alright I gave a go at the hearts and pink, it just doesn't use one of  Rubberneckers stamps. But at least I did it. HEHE

Thank you if you stopped by to take a look.  I don't get much company on this page. It is new after all. Anyway because there is so little traffic I am not going to list all the items and such that were used but if you wanna know where or what something is,  just ask.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

MAKE: Mix It Up Challenge #39 – Fresh Inspiration

Mix It Up Challenge #39 – Fresh Inspiration

It may be that I am a little obsessed with blog challenges right now.  This one is for SugarPea Designs.  

Stamps are SurgarPea Designs barn to be wild set
 Barn To Be Wild

The banner die is from Elizabeth Crafts
 Stitched Fishtail banner

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Make: Grunge It Up! – Rubbernecker Challenge #25

Grunge It Up! – Rubbernecker Challenge #25

So I will be honest, I had to google what grunge was. LOL Not sure I captured it well but I gave her a go. The stamp is rubbernecker stamp 1050-13 1 John 3-18.

Rubbernecker stamp 1050-13 1 John 3-18
Our daily bread designs baking tag set item#D286

I have also made this gift bag base on this challenge.  The paper used was my scrap paper that I used as my inking mat to keep the desk clean.  This whole grunge idea made me actually think to use it for the background for the stamps.  I think I like it better than the card. HEHE

Monday, January 15, 2018

Believe: Sometimes inconveniences can be be Blessings!

At 5:30 am Mom calls me, no not an emergency! Well not an emergency in the real world. My  Dad went to work and left his wallet at home. So Mom and I had to take it to him, he is working 3 1/2  hours away.  A 7 our round trip drive was not exactly what I had planned for the day. However , yes it was a long drive but that was 7 hours that I got to spend with Mom. We talked and talked , and laughed and just enjoyed each others company.  I could not have chosen a better way to spend the day. Our theme this round is going to be: Faith I has so much fun with thes...